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1. Favorite non-tumblr website?

Probably a tie between pinterest and

2. Last time you volunteered for something? What was it, and why did you do it?

Hmm… probably to recite in class, and because I was prepared for it? 

3. Favorite place to study and why?

I like to study in my fraternity office at my law school. It’s not my apartment, less stress-filled than the library, big, comfortable (couch, big desk, fridge and microwave) and I can shift positions throughout the day. Also, my friends are typically there and I like to study in groups, or having them stop or around studying their own stuff makes it less boring. 

4. Favorite fandom/fandom you are most emotionally vested in?

This is tough. I’m going to have to go with Doctor Who. It has my heart above all others. 

Well… possibly Teen Wolf. If not tied, a close second. 

5. Have you ever gone on a roadtrip? Where to? Why? How long of a drive was it?

Sadly I have not. I tried to drive from Houston to San Diego once, but I totaled my car in Oklahoma… So I only made it about 8 hours. 

6. How do you normally do your hair? Do you like it?

I’m incredibly lazy when it comes to my hair. I typically just put some mousse in it to combat the humidity, comb it so it parts properly and then let it air dry. When I’m going to actually do something to it, I like to curl it. 

7. What’s something that can always make you laugh?

My goober of a puppy-nephew. He’s ridiculous and adorable and always doing the weirdest things. Also, his joy is contagious and you can’t help but laugh and be happy because he is just so damned happy!

8. Last book you read for fun and actually liked?

Last book I read was the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series… and I liked it so much that I read them all back to back without stopping. 

9. Energy drinks, coffee, or soda?

Coffee! Espresso, if optional. 

10. Song that always pumps you up?

Currently it’s Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. 

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"I am not interested in your fine calibrations of empathy or your great mission to protect the river of history. I just to live my own life, and I want to spend it having my own private fucked-up little emotions."
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Meanwhile in Beacon Hills

Derek:As your president of the Scott McCall fan club, I first want to welcome you all to our biweekly meeting. There's a lot to discuss, but before we begin, our vice-president has an announcement to make. Here's the microphone, Stiles.
Stiles:Thank you, Derek. Now, I have the pleasure to introduce to you our newest member, Brett Talbot!
Brett:Thank you, thank you. I glad to be here.
Derek:And we're happy to have you. Your heart-felt speech to the selection committee was moving.
Brett:When will I get my button?
Derek:The vice-president will provide you with a "I Love Scott McCall"-button shortly.
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flowers in boston
my original photography- please do not remove credit


flowers in boston

my original photography- please do not remove credit

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the unholy offspring of lightning and de..AWWWWWWWWWW

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